Echosounder data processing levels

Echosounder data processing levels#

The decades-long experience from the satellite remote sensing community has shown that a set of robust and well-articulated definitions of “data processing levels” [Wea14] can lead directly to broad and highly productive use of data. Processing level designations also provide important context for data interpretation [HDD+15]. However, no such community agreement exists for echosounder data. Improving the interoperability and inter-comparability of processed echosounder data products will likely facilitate efficient collaboration and integrative use of the rapidly growing data archive across research institutions and agencies.

To help address this gap, the echopype team is developing a clearly defined set of progression of echosounder data processing levels by leveraging the collective experience from remote sensing and large-scale, long-term ocean and ecological observatories.

Check out the echolevels document for the current status, and please chime in with any input or questions via GitHub issues!