Other resources

Other resources#


Below is a list of software resources for processing ocean sonar data. When appropriate, we note whether the software is proprietary or open-source, as well as the programming language in which it is written.

  • EchoView: a GUI-based proprietary software, the current go-to tool for echosounder data analysis

  • EchoView R: interfacing R and EchoView [paper]

  • Echogram: an R package for reading data in the HAC format

  • EchoR: an R package to handle pre-processed fisheries acoustics data collected during sea surveys and to produce and analyse ec(h)osystem indices and maps based on fisheries acoustics data

  • ESP3: a Matlab package for sonar data analysis. [paper]

  • ExCal: a Matlab package to calculate calibration coefficients for EK/ES60 echosounders.

  • LSSS (Large Scale Survey System) [paper]

  • MATECHO: requires Matlab and Movies3D

  • Movies3D: reads and writes HAC files and is capable of joining EK60 and ME70 data

  • PyEcholab: an open-source Python package based solely on the NumPy library

  • Sonar4 and Sonar5-Pro

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