echopype.consolidate.add_location(ds: Union[Dataset, str, Path], echodata: Optional[Union[EchoData, str, Path]], nmea_sentence: Optional[str] = None)#

Add geographical location (latitude/longitude) to the Sv dataset.

This function interpolates the location from the Platform group in the original data file based on the time when the latitude/longitude data are recorded and the time the acoustic data are recorded (ping_time).

dsxr.Dataset or str or pathlib.Path

An Sv or MVBS dataset or path to a file containing the Sv or MVBS dataset for which the geographical locations will be added to

echodataEchoData or str or pathlib.Path

An EchoData object or path to a file containing the EchoData object holding the raw data


NMEA sentence to select a subset of location data (optional)

The input dataset with the location data added