echopype.commongrid.compute_MVBS(ds_Sv: Dataset, range_var: Literal['echo_range', 'depth'] = 'echo_range', range_bin: str = '20m', ping_time_bin: str = '20S', method='map-reduce', closed: Literal['left', 'right'] = 'left', **flox_kwargs)#

Compute Mean Volume Backscattering Strength (MVBS) based on intervals of range (echo_range) or depth (depth) and ping_time specified in physical units.

Output of this function differs from that of compute_MVBS_index_binning, which computes bin-averaged Sv according to intervals of echo_range and ping_time specified as index number.


dataset containing Sv and echo_range [m]

range_var: {‘echo_range’, ‘depth’}, default ‘echo_range’

The variable to use for range binning. Must be one of echo_range or depth. Note that depth is only available if the input dataset contains depth as a data variable.

range_binstr, default ‘20m’

bin size along echo_range or depth in meters.

ping_time_binstr, default ‘20S’

bin size along ping_time

method: str, default ‘map-reduce’

The flox strategy for reduction of dask arrays only. See flox documentation for more details.

closed: {‘left’, ‘right’}, default ‘left’

Which side of bin interval is closed.


Additional keyword arguments to be passed to flox reduction function.

A dataset containing bin-averaged Sv