API reference

This page provides an auto-generated summary of echopype’s API.

echopype.convert Package

Include code to unpack manufacturer-specific data files into an interoperable netCDF format.

The current version supports:

  • Simrad EK60 echosounder .raw data

  • Simrad EK80 echosounder .raw data

  • ASL Environmental Sciences AZFP echosounder .01A data


Convert([path, xml_path, model])

Gets the type of echosounder the raw file was generated with using the filename extension.


ConvertAZFP([_filename, _xml_path])

Class for converting AZFP .01A files.


Class for converting EK60 .raw files.


Class for converting EK80 .raw files.

echopype.process Package

Include methods to manipulate echo data that is already converted to netCDF.

EK60 and AZFP narrowband echosounders:

  • calibration and echo-integration to obtain volume backscattering strength (Sv) from power data.

  • Simple noise removal by removing data points (set to NaN) below an adaptively estimated noise floor.

  • Binning and averaging to obtain mean volume backscattering strength (MVBS) from the calibrated data.

EK80 broadband echosounder:

  • calibration based on pulse compression output in the form of average over frequency.



Provides data analysis and computation tools for sonar data in netCDF form.


ProcessAZFP([file_path, salinity, pressure, …])

Class for manipulating AZFP echo data already converted to netCDF.


Class for manipulating EK60 echo data already converted to netCDF.


Class for manipulating EK80 echo data already converted to netCDF.