API reference

API components that most users will interact with.


In echopype versions prior to 0.5.0, the API in this page focused on the convert and process subpackages. See the 0.4.1 API page if you’re using a previous release. That workflow is being deprecated.


Open raw and converted files

echopype.open_raw(raw_file=None, sonar_model=None, xml_path=None, convert_params=None, storage_options=None)

Create an EchoData object containing parsed data from a single raw data file.

The EchoData object can be used for adding metadata and ancillary data as well as to serialize the parsed data to zarr or netcdf.

raw_file : str

path to raw data file

sonar_model : str

model of the sonar instrument

xml_path : str

path to XML config file used by AZFP

convert_params : dict

parameters (metadata) that may not exist in the raw file and need to be added to the converted file

storage_options : dict

options for cloud storage

echopype.open_converted(converted_raw_path, storage_options=None)

Create an EchoData object from a single converted zarr/nc files.

EchoData class

EchoData is an object that handles interfacing raw converted data. It is used for calibration and other processing.


EchoData([converted_raw_path, …]) Echo data model class for handling raw converted data, including multiple files associated with the same data set.

Data processing subpackages



compute_Sv(echodata, **kwargs) Compute volume backscattering strength (Sv) from raw data.
compute_Sp(echodata, **kwargs) Compute point backscattering strength (Sp) from raw data.



compute_MVBS(ds_Sv[, range_meter_bin, …]) Compute Mean Volume Backscattering Strength (MVBS) based on intervals of range and ping_time specified in physical units.
compute_MVBS_index_binning(ds_Sv[, …]) Compute Mean Volume Backscattering Strength (MVBS) based on intervals of range_bin and ping number specified in index number.
remove_noise(ds_Sv, ping_num, range_bin_num) Remove noise by using estimates of background noise from mean calibrated power of a collection of pings.


Utilities for calculating seawater acoustic properties.


calc_absorption(frequency[, distance, …]) Calculate sea absorption in dB/m
calc_sound_speed([temperature, salinity, …]) Calculate sound speed in meters per second.