Open converted files

Open a converted netCDF or Zarr dataset

Converted netCDF and Zarr files can be opened with the open_converted function that returns a lazy loaded EchoData object (only metadata are read during opening):

import echopype as ep
nc_path = './converted_files/'        # path to a converted nc file
ed = ep.open_converted(nc_path)              # create an EchoData object

EchoData object

EchoData is an object for conveniently handling raw converted data from either raw instrument files (via open_raw) or previously converted and standardized raw files (via open_converted). It is essentially a container for multiple xarray Dataset objects, where each such object corresponds to one of the netCDF4 groups specified in the SONAR-netCDF4 convention followed by echopype. It is used for conveniently accessing and exploring the echosounder data and for calibration and other processing.