echopype.utils.uwa.calc_sound_speed(temperature=27, salinity=35, pressure=10, formula_source='Mackenzie')#

Calculate sound speed in [m/s].

temperature: num

temperature [deg C]

salinity: num

salinity [PSU, part per thousand]

pressure: num

pressure [dbars]

formula_source: str, {“Mackenzie”, “AZFP”}

Source of formula used to calculate sound speed. “Mackenzie” (default) uses the formula from Mackenzie 1981 (see Notes below) as implemented in arlpy package. “AZFP” uses the formula supplied in the AZFP Matlab code.

Sound speed [m/s] for each input temperature value.


Mackenzie KV (1981) Nine‐term equation for sound speed in the oceans. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 70(3), 807–812. The ranges of validity encompass the following: temperature −2 to 30 °C, salinity 30 to 40 ppt, and depth 0 to 8000 m.